Our work


To effectively address the current challenges for a more Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean area, a shift of paradigm in governance is needed.

The integrated and complementary actions of the two Governance Projects will address the Euro-Mediterranean region by boosting sustainable tourism integrated in a circular economy, as well as innovation and technologies and preserving natural resources by mainstreaming results of the projects into strategies and policies.

The two Governance Projects will act and work in strong collaboration for the common Mission performing the following activities:


  • Transfer and advocate the results of the thematic community projects among policy level stakeholders in the Euro-MED area and beyond.
  • Encourage engagement within the sustainable tourism community with the creation of thematic working groups and Mediterranean Clusters.
  • Increase the expansion of the Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories of the Mediterranean (NSTO) that was launched during the previous period of the Programme.
  • Enriching the Join the MED platform: a knowledge hub on sustainable tourism. The platform aims at facilitating the monitoring activities, acting as a database and providing visual features of project results.
  • Define a Manual for the implementation of ICZM protocol to be presented in a workshop.
  • Develop a Blueprint for Regional Climate Action Plans and organize capacity building sessions to encourage its use.
  • Launch a Mediterranean Strategy on Sustainable Tourism built on a participatory approach involving the Mediterranean Clusters, the thematic projects and the Associated partners of the governance projects.
  • Actively contribute to the Interreg Euro-MED Academy.
  •  Organize Annual Fora, MED Sustainable Tourism Conventions and further events and initiatives such as study visits for policy and decision makers.
  • Create the Driving Tourism Transition DTT Panel and Hub
  • Set up Sustainable Tourism Policy Labs
  • Launch a Cross Network Alliance for Tourism