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Regional impact of climate change on European tourism demand. A recent Technical report by the Joint Research Center, the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.

The tourism industry, a significant contributor to European GDP, may face considerable stress due to climate change. This study examines the potential impact of climate change on tourism demand in European regions in the 2100 time horizon.
Using data from 269 European regions over a 20-year monthly timespan, the study estimates the effect of current climatic conditions (rated with a Tourism Climatic Index, TCI), on tourism demand, considering various regional typologies. The findings reveal that climate conditions significantly affect tourism demand, with coastal regions being the most impacted areas. Next, in the study there is a simulation of the impacts of future climate change on tourism demand for four warming levels (1.5°C, 2°C, 3°C, and 4°C) under two emissions pathways (RCP4.5 and RCP8.5).
The reasearchers find a clear north-south pattern in tourism demand changes, with northern regions benefitting from climate change and southern regions facing significant reductions in tourism demand; that pattern becomes more pronounced for higher warming scenarios. The seasonal distribution of tourism demand would also change, with relative reductions in summer and increases in the shoulder and winter seasons.