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The Sustainable Tourism Mission just released three Orientation Papers


The Thematic Community Project of the Sustainable Tourism Mission has just released three Orientation Papers on the topics of Innovation, Circular Economy, Climate Change and Nature and Biodiversity. 

These documents analyse the three topics focusing on how the tourism sector can tackle the challenges of climate change and of the conservation of natural resources and seize the opportunities of innovation and circular economy related to its activities. They offer an overview of the status of these key issues for the sector.

Orientation Paper – Cluster Innovation

Orientation Paper – Cluster Circular Economy

Orientation Paper – Cluster Climate Change, Nature & Biodiversity

The Orientation Papers mark the beginning of the official collaboration within the Sustainable Tourism Mission with the ten Thematic Projects, currently part of it. They represent the roadmap for the activities of the Thematic Clusters the project has launched, namely the Cluster Innovation, the Cluster Circular Economy and the Cluster Climate Change, Nature & Biodiversity.

Reporting the results of a first analysis and setting the main priorities for the activities of each cluster in the coming years, the Orientation Papers serve as a basis to launch the discussion. Each document has been produced with the support of an external expert.

The MED Clusters of the Sustainable Tourism Mission

The Mediterranean Clusters of the Sustainable Tourism Mission have been created to promote the dissemination of the results of the Community of projects and the participation of actors, beyond the Sustainable Tourism Community. 

These strategic networks shall facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and the transfer and mainstreaming of these results to enhance their impact, through the involvement of relevant actors working on tourism-related topics.

Members of each Cluster are the Thematic projects, the partners of the Institutional Dialogue project of the Sustainable Tourism Mission, Associates partners of the Thematic Community project, the partners of the other three Missions of the Interreg Euro-MED programme and other key stakeholders that can join the discussion in the future. 

The first meeting of the MED Clusters took place in Rome, on April 11th, 2024 during the Kick-Off Meeting of the Thematic Community project.

For a full overview of the MED Clusters, their topics, activities and members, you can find here an explanatory brochure.