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The Orientation Paper of the MED Cluster Innovation


Innovation in tourism is not only about technology and its use. It also concerns capacities, cooperation and business models for sustainable development. In fact, following the direction of the Interreg Euro-MED programme, the main priorities useful to adopt innovation in tourism are connected to the use of smart technologies (Smarter Mediterranean Priority) to: 

  • improve innovation capacities, competitiveness and internationalisation of tourism SMEs; 
  • strengthen Smart Specialization Strategies, promote advanced technology and non-technological innovations in the tourism sector; 
  • strengthen cooperation between stakeholders of the quadruple hélix in the tourism sector;
  • reinforce tourism as a growth sector supporting environmental and climate change initiatives; 
  • support new business models. 

Here you can download the full paper

The Orientation Paper is written by Dario Bertocchi, expert for innovation in tourism and external expert of the MED Cluster Innovation created in the framework of the Thematic Project of the Sustainable Tourism Mission.

It integrates the main discussions and key challenges identified by the members of the Cluster during the 1st Annual Meeting, held in Rome (April 11, 2024).

The document will serve as a basis to launch the discussion and set the main priorities for the future activities of the MED Cluster Innovation.

What are the MED Clusters of the Sustainable Tourism Mission?

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