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The Orientation Paper of the MED Cluster Circular Economy


The circular economy offers to the tourism ecosystems the opportunity to enhance the sustainable development impacts of tourism. It generates well being for the local population through the creation of new jobs and more inclusive local value chains. Circular economy creates a virtuous circle between businesses and territories. In addition, it can also become an element that boosts the competitiveness of regions, reinforcing the personality and diversity of environments and societies as a key differentiation factor.

According to the programme priorities and specific objectives, the MED Cluster Circular Economy will focus on the topics under the Specific Objective 2.6: Promoting the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy (Greener Mediterranean Priority), which are:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of the current linear production system. 
  • Overcoming the scarcity of natural resources and current overexploitation. 
  • Reducing waste production and its externalities. 
  • Encouraging the adoption of more sustainable economic models based on circular bioeconomy whilst fostering sustainable tourism. 
  • Exploiting the new economic opportunities offered by the circular economy model to the tourism sector. 
  • Cultivating of the ‘reuse’ philosophy in the touristic living areas.

Here you can download the full paper

The Orientation Paper of the MED Cluster Circular Economy is written by Pau Pitarch, consultant at Pax Advising and external expert of the MED Cluster Circular Economy created in the framework of the Thematic Project of the Sustainable Tourism Mission.

It integrates the main discussions and key challenges identified by the members of the cluster during the 1st Annual Meeting of the Clusters, organised in Rome (April 11, 2024).

The document will serve as a basis to launch the discussion and set the main priorities for the future activities of the MED Cluster Circular Economy.

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