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The Orientation Paper of the MED Cluster Climate Change and Nature and Biodiversity


Tourism sector activities impact the environment and take stock of our natural resources. 

The MED Cluster Climate Change and Nature and Biodiversity combines the focus of two Specific Objectives – SO 2.4. Promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account ecosystem-based approaches” and SO 2.7. “Enhancing protection and conservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure including in urban areas and reducing all forms of pollution”.

SO 2.4 addresses the following:

  • foster sustainable tourism models which ensure the protection of the environment;
  • answer the central issue of accelerating warming for the future of Mediterranean regions; 
  • urge environmental protection in view of both the pressure of human activities and climate change; 
  • enhance ecosystem-based approaches in order to prevent disasters and improve resilience; 
  • improve the prevention and mitigation of risks; 
  • promote the importance of energy transition in the context of climate change; 
  • tackle the climate change effects on health; 
  • involve citizens in the greener transition of living areas with high touristic assets.

S.O 2.7 addresses the following: 

  • consolidate the connection of natural ecosystems with high touristic assets at transnational level; 
  • ensure ecological corridors to boost and preserve biodiversity; 
  • reinforce sustainable, efficient management and strong protection of protected areas; 
  • work beyond protected areas to address pollution, overfishing and climate change; 
  • improve restoration of ecosystems at land and sea degraded by tourism activities; 
  • promote adequate conservation of coastal and marine biodiversity in touristic areas; 
  • support the vision of biodiversity conservation as an economic and social value.

Here you can download the full paper

The Orientation Paper is written by Jeremy Smith, climate specialist at Travel Foundation and external expert of the MED Cluster Climate Change and Nature and Biodiversity created in the framework of the Thematic Project of the Sustainable Tourism Mission.

It integrates the main discussions and key challenges identified by the members of the Cluster during the 1st Annual Meeting, held in Rome (April 11, 2024).

The document will serve as a basis to launch the discussion and set the main priorities for the future activities of the MED Cluster Climate Change and Nature and Biodiversity.

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